On Wednesdays, we have a company wide metrics and KPI meeting called CSTATS (Coda statistics). I give a high level view of most common feedback or other notable trends with user needs.


and look for any general trends to call out that we haven’t discussed.
Look through what’s coming in for each team this week from

What I share

Each week is different but usually looks something like this 👇
Gantt chart is still the most common ask across all types of users, mostly PMs (see )
Ecosystem: We’re seeing an uptick in people wanting a Google Sheets integration. 4 people asked this week (can see it here )
@“I’ve been super frustrated trying to share my project plan with a client. Without individual page sharing, I need to copy and paste data from one place to another which sort of defeats the purpose of ‘an all-in-one doc’”
- Jenny at Circle
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