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Product Roadmap Template

The Product Roadmap Template. What are its benefits?

A product roadmap is a visual timeline of your plan for the future. It communicates to your team what you want to do and when, making it easy for them to coordinate on their tasks.
Make your roadmap either an internal or external need in order to meet the needs of the group.

​Learn about the different types of roadmaps that can be developed.

Development teams have different release dates and target milestones. However, this team most often includes a schedule outlining the specific dates of the release and what customers can expect to get out of it.
In order to be successful, company goals need support from professionals in a variety of departments. Executives often produce product roadmaps to show how other teams will help towards those goals.
Internal roadmaps for sales focus on new features and customer benefits to support the sales team.
External roadmaps focus on the benefits of a product, features, and issues customers may be having with the product. These are used to get customers excited about what is coming next.

Things every product roadmap should include

Learn about the key elements in a product roadmap.
Product vision: what is it and why should you have one?
The strategy is important because it explains how the product will benefit your company and how you are meeting the vision.
Timeline: a very helpful aide to reaching goals. A good timeline should be a rough estimate, and not an exact date/time.
Specific company objectives should be defined in the form of a measurable metric. If a goal isn't well defined, it's unlikely to ever be achieved.
Using Requirements, you can understand how your customers are feeling and what they want to do. This will help you to prioritize what features need to be developed next.
Status markers show when work is complete, and help with timeliness.
Team responsibilities and roles are delegated to make sure everyone knows how to do their job.
Measuring progress on the product roadmap.

How to build a product roadmap?

The four steps of creating a product roadmap.

Before any work can happen, it is essential to first, consider market trends and business tactics.
Determine your product vision. Ask yourself why the product is being developed and how it will benefit the company.
Define your audience at the outset of writing, so that you can tailor your content for exactly what they need.
The first step to building your roadmap is to prioritize initiatives. This template guides you through the process of what you should list first and how to set a timeline. If you start with the product, you can further customize it for detail, timeline, and priority.


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