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Copy of Measure What Matters Starter Kit by John Doerr

Set Key Results

Key results are how our top-priority objectives will be attained with specific, measurable actions within a set time frame.
For each objective, write no more than 4-5 key results. For tips on crafting great key reults, see
. When you are ready, hit
Add a Key Result
, write your KR, and drag the KR to the appropriate Objective.

Add a Key Result
Clear Sample Data

Key Result
- all guides
Update main guide and announce - June 2020
Blog about updates to Kanban - the Flow Strategy - July 2020
Update implementation details addendum & publish - June 2020
Blog about 2020 thinking on Cynefin and how it works with Kanban - July 2020
Create specific guidance for Tameflow beyond Kanban in the implementation details addendum for Kanban - the Flow Strategy? September 2020
Publish new Kanplexity guide - July 2020
Lose 20+ kgs in body weight
Start running again - May 2020
Attend 2 yoga sessions per week by end of June 2020 with a view to that rhythm
Sign up for another half-marathon/marathon as I need a target and I know what I’m like without one, even if dates are uncertain - register by end of July 2020
Write a book on X - to be recognized in my field I need to write a well-rated and selling book, ideally with a publisher
write 2 hours per day 5am to 7am four days per week with a view to a rhythm - June 2020
Find a willing publisher that won’t take the IP rights for themselves
Sign up one well known CEO of fortune/global 500 to write in my blog series - August 2020
Sign up another well-known CEO of a fortune/global 500 to write in my blog series
update executive journey workshop path based on Tameflow currently omitted:( - June 2020
Development of a competitive advantage for members of my community that also helps me - September 2020
Hire my offspring to support my business - have a more sustainable life and provide earning & learning opportunity for my offspring
Assess passion, focus & energy of offspring for web site updates and SEO optimization - August 2020
Publish my father’s book - in his memory
Recover manuscripts and electronic records of my Dad’s writings in early June 2020
Consult with my Dad’s brothers and sister for accompanying chapters by end of July 2020
Research self-publishing - August 2020
Support my community - develop new agility chefs
Three new PSTs in 2020
Professional Development
Additional badges - PSPOA, Nexus by December 202
Case study
Additional Badges - one new organization - November 2020

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