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Joey Wilson

Plans / Subscriptions

General Subscriptions
No matter what we would have to get the Pro / Business plan. Which includes 25 Active Spaces and allows a max of 5 Users.

Price: $69/month
So we can have 25 jobs active at one time. If we max that out, we will have to archive a job which basically kills the url link for people to view/access. However, from what I’ve looked at so far, we can archive that job’s Matterport data and upload the file to Dash for storage.
Matterport TruePlan
So with this monthly add-on feature you do the scan, and send it to Matterport’s servers like you normally do Except they will also send you a file (similar to an .ESX file) that can be imported into Xactimate and have the sketch ready for you to go.
⏱️ Sketch Turnaround Time: 48 Hours (It does state that during CAT events the turnaround time will be longer)
Pricing is done in Tiers (1, 2, 3 & 4) which is broken up by overall square feet of the house/loss site.
Tier 1 - Up to 1000 square feet: $79 (Currently, on sale for this price).
Regular Price $249
Tier 2 - 1,000 to 3,999 square feet: $159 (Current Sale Price)
Regular Price: $349
Tier 3 - 4,000 to 9,999 square feet: $389 (Current Sale Price)
Regular Price: $599
Tier 4 - 10,000 to 25,000 Square Feet: $799 (Current Sale Price)
Regular Price: $999
Matterport TruePlan Limitations
TruePlan scans/sketches DO NOT include reference blocks (Cabinets, Vanities, Shit like that)
Xactimate® compatible TruePlans are built to operate within a reasonable variance. While not perfect, they have an overall variance that is significantly less than current methods of creating a sketch. (Straight from their webpage about TruePlan Limitations)
Factors that increase variance:
Heavy construction debris
Extreme contents (hoarding)
Low lighting
Significant amounts of temporary shoring (post fire)
Extremely compromised or collapsed roofs/ceilings

I won’t put in iPhones for this
Matterport Pro3
Price Range: $5,995 - $7,995
❗ Currently experiencing shipping delays. 3-4 Week wait until product ships
This camera is their newest camera with the most up to date LiDAR tech. Meaning this camera not only does the scanning quicker than the Matterport Pro2 - This camera can do scans indoors & outdoors which the Pro2 cannot really do outdoors accurately with clear/crisp imaging. I do think that we would probably run into some jobs where being able to do this on the outside would be beneficial to us, like decks and fencing. Hell, maybe even tree removal jobs, possibly.
The camera when bought solo comes with:
Carrying Case
Tripod Mount (still would have to buy an actual tripod for the mount to... mount)
1 Battery
1 Charging Kit
1 Year Warranty
Price: $5,995.00

The Bundle Package comes with:
Carrying Case
10 Matterport E57 point clouds to help you complete large projects quickly (an $890 value)
10 MatterPaks that enable you to extract floor plans, point cloud files, and OBJ files from each digital twin ($490 value)
Tripod Mount
2 Batteries
1 Charging Kit
1 Tripod
1 Wheeled Dolly
2 Door Stops
1 Hard Case
1 Backpack
3 Year Warranty on Pro3 Camera and Tripod Mount ($1,995 Value)
Bundle Price w/ Accessories: $7,995.00

Matterport Pro2
Price Range: $3,395 - $3,795
4K quality images w/ a 134 megapixel camera. I’ve personally used this one before, it does take some time to scan each room and make sure you have enough overlap for everything to be stitched together. Cannot do outdoor scanning really.

The camera when bought solo comes with:
The Camera
1 Charging Kit
1 Year Warranty
Price: $3,395.00

The Bundle Package comes with:
Carrying Case
1 Quick Release Tripod Mount
1 Small Hard Case
1 Tripod
1 Charging Kit
1 Year Warranty
Bundle Price w/ Accessories: $3,795.00

Accessories & Mounts

[ This is if we just want to use the idea of 360 photos but not the XM8 Feature ] This option here, we wouldn’t have to buy a camera - we would use our iPhones and all we would have to get is the tripod/mount for the phone. Again, using the iPhone will not get us XM8 sketches. However, it should allow us to measure distances. The way we would do that is to basically measure an overall (end to end) area and then drop that birds eye/arial image as an underlay in XM8 and use a reference line to measure (for example) 10 LF then we would zoom in/out the underlay image until that 10 LF line is dialed into what 10 LF is on the matterport underlay.
Price for the accessory: $79

🧠 My Overall Thoughts 🧠

An overall benefit to a 360 degree camera in general (it could be one of these expensive ones, or our iPhones on a tripod. It would help with photo documentation, since telling them to go into each corner and take overall photos hasn’t worked in 2 years. If the fancy tripod for an iPhone would get us photos AND allow us to do measurements using the overlay feature when sketching - I think that option would be better for us until we start getting hammered with jobs. Having one could help out Sam and her Real Estate clients as well.
So I would like to try just the iPhone and the tripod above way. After reading more about it, there is this feature called “3D Digital Twin” and it looks like you can put the iPhone and Tripod in the same spot as your original scan and you can have the slider bar feature where you can see before/after pictures of the same spot. That would look great on the website especially after fire jobs before we demo/clean and after we put all the shit back.

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