New York City Pizza Tour

Launch your own journey to find the "best" pizza in NYC!
In a New York pizza state of mind?
If there’s one thing every New Yorker has in common, it’s that they’re convinced they know the best spots in town - whether that’s craft cocktails, tailor shops or people-watching spots (👀 I’m looking at you, Central Park Fountain 🌳 ⛲ ).

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But there’s one thing that we take more seriously than anything - and that’s where to get the best pizza 🍕. We’re the birthplace of pizza in America, have over 1,500 places you can grab a slice - and with that comes lots of disagreement on where to prioritize when you’re trying to eat the best.
❗❗❗ Sbarro is not it.
Here’s where I come in~
I’m Joel, a Customer Success Manager at Coda. We at Coda help teams and individuals build docs that are as powerful as apps. Including when it comes to the most essential topic of all - pizza tasting tours.
Now for a little bit of pizza credibility 🍕 - I’m a native New Yorker, and am always searching for that one perfect pizza across NYC. When friends and family visit, I take pride in recommending them the spots that will satisfy that pizza craving.
As part of 14 years of “tasting” due diligence, I’m here to share my top spots with you - so you can focus less on harvesting The Infatuation for pizza recommendations, and more on enjoying the creamy smells of melted cheese, crunching down on a delicious crust or reveling in sweet tomato sauce.
Let’s get to work!

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No time; you need a recommendation now? I’ve got you covered. Check the below for your dinner plans.
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