New Hire Onboarding Template

Onboarding is a critical moment for engaging new hires - and Coda's a great method for tailoring the experience to fit your company and culture.
You’ve just hired someone stellar — yay! 🥳
Now, the goal is to make sure they have all of the tools and knowledge they need → so they are set up for success and can have a successful onboarding experience.
We focus on these key components in our onboarding guide:
Make it fun 🕺
Onboarding is a lot of learning. To make sure the learning stays engaging, we like to build joy wherever we can. Using GIFs, Looms, and other mixed media types to convey information helps keep things light and fun.

Make it personal 👥
When you start somewhere new, you want to be able to easily identify information that’s relevant to you and your team. To avoid information overload, we make sure information can be narrowed to the trainee anywhere possible.
Make communication easy ☎️
It’s important that trainees know who to go to if they get stuck on something. We assign a DRI to every task so trainees know exactly who to go to when they need help.

Coda, the all-in-one doc for teams, can be customized to adapt to your team’s onboarding guide, including
Organizing key information on team goals, processes and tools
Providing clear visibility on onboarding tasks and dashboards for tracking progress
Communicating with teammates
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