2023 Guide to Tool Consolidation in Coda
Coda's Tool Consolidation Handbook

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Wikis and hubs

A central home for your team to collect knowledge, take notes, make decisions, & connect external data

Coda vs. wikis

WIkis, docs, and sheets create siloes. Coda creates a single source of truth for your team. Most teams have their work spread across dozens of different tabs. Unfortunately this leads to a feeling of not knowing what lives where, or what to do next. It can cause teams to slow down and waste valuable time.
The alternative is what we call “team hubs.” Team hubs consolidate the dozens of tabs you need to get work done, into one doc so that your team can centralize its processes from idea to execution. When everything lives in one place, you’re not left answering the mind-numbing question: “do you have that link?” Instead your roadmap, knowledge base, writeups, and trackers are all in one place.
Coda doesn’t just help you centralize your work but it can help you execute faster too by automating the busywork. When work is spread across apps, it’s really difficult to put your tools to work for you. Inevitably you end up copy/pasting between them, meaning your data immediately gets stale and the work falls on you. In Coda, you can set up no code automations that send out summaries via email, prompt your team with reminders in Slack, and with 600+ integrations to choose from, you can keep your project tracking, reporting, and other workflows running smoothly in the background.

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What our customers say:

We used Notion for 1.5 years and then performance issues made it difficult for us to continue using it as a source of truth.
I know with Coda the performance is going to be there, it’s going to scale with us, and people enjoy using it. If they enjoy using it, it reinforces the culture I want us to have.
—Kerry Wang, CEO of Searchlight

Our engineering team is always up to their eyeballs in product obligations, so updates to the company wiki are going to lag. Eventually, our single source of truth earned a reputation for being an artifact rather than a resource...
Before Coda, it would take a month for the tech team to update the intranet, and by then, the update is almost irrelevant. Now I can do it instantly!
We were able to implement Coda for a fraction of the cost of a one-size-fits-all solution.
—Kate Fenton, Employee Experience Manager at TED

Replace your wikis and hubs with Coda.


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