Ping 'em all

About this Doc


Have you ever wanted to send a bunch of people the same message at the same time on Slack? But you didn’t want to just send it to a channel because then some of those people might ignore it? And a huge group DM is basically the worst kind of thing to do in Slack-etiquette?

Yeah, we’ve all been there before.

You have two options to do this:
Copy and paste the same message into a bunch of Slack windows and hit enter each time.
Use this doc and press a single button with a cool logo, which sends all the messages at once. (Bonus - it can even be automated).

This doc explains how to do the second option. You can see and use the template on the second page, called

How to set it up

(1) Connect your doc to Slack so you can send messages from it

(2) Add a People table - for who you want to ping, and the messages to send

(3) Add the button that pushes buttons

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