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Personal CRM
Keep in touch with friends and former colleagues
Joe DiMento

This doc makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your important contacts.

It can be hard to stay in touch with all the people you want to - friends who live nearby are easily remembered, and sadly, those you've known for years but live far away are harder to remain in contact with.

This doc helps remind you to connect with all the relevant people in your life, with Views which filter people into the contact bucket by time periods, depending on the contact's category. That way you never forget to ping a friend on their birthday, or let months elapse before you have a 1:1 with a colleague.

The doc is designed to be 'build as you go', meaning there is no one-time import of all your contacts. We did this because we found most people, while they may have thousands of contacts in Google, really only need to connect regularly with dozens up to a few hundred.

Here's how you can use it:

1️⃣ Get rid of the template data by clicking these buttons 👉
Nuke People Data
Nuke Interaction Data

2️⃣ Add your contacts to the

3️⃣ Update tags in the
section. Update how often you want to be in touch with people from different tags - this will automatically surface them for contact later.

4️⃣ You'll use
to log new interactions, and check in with those folks who you haven't been in touch with in awhile - the 'frequency' column of the Personal Tags drives when they surface in this View. (Or if it's their birthday.) And you can even create a draft email to each person just by clicking a button.

5️⃣ Customize it! You can add anniversaries, children's birthdays, and any other attributes to the People Table to surface new and helpful views.