Mini Product Launch Hub Overview

Launch your product with this li'l template
A more compact version of the
, this template is geared towards smaller teams that need a simple way to track team and tasks. You can get a bird’s eye view of your project just like the Product Launch Hub, but fewer sections in this template means easier navigation for your team members. Also included in this template is a section that is reserved just for your customer interviews. Store your customer feedback in a structured table along with the free-form notes from your interviews.


1️⃣ Add your own teams and tasks on the
section for your product launch.
2️⃣ View per-team tasks in the
section. Once you rename teams, you should rename these sections too.
3️⃣ Optionally, track customer interviews in the
3️⃣ Get a bird's eye view of your project using a Gantt chart on the

What's in this doc?
Master tracker for your teams and tasks
A kanban view of only your customer tasks
Tasks only associated with the Retailer team
Track individual customer interviews through structured feedback and freeform text
High-level overview of all your tasks laid out in a Gantt chart
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