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When you need to ideate with your team, your org., or your company

Innovation or Idea Management Software is a category of SaaS that describes software which helps individuals and organizations
on ideas. Idea management can describe small interactions - such as soliciting ideas from a team about a new process or goal - or larger ones, including soliciting ideas from customers, partners, and vendors about how a company should pursue product strategies.

Idea management Software often requires the same onboarding and change management required of any new software tool. Example software vendors in this space include Spigit, BrightIdea, Ideawake, and Sifeways 6.

These tools bill themselves as platforms to bring “collective intelligence to business challenges”, and they do this very well - but they do only one thing. Coda can do that thing, and many other things (see some more examples in our

How idea management can work in Coda

Since Coda is a doc that grows with your team, you can do just about anything in it. If you’re not familiar with Coda, check out this very short intro video.

One of Coda’s most powerful features is Tables, which act like databases, and allow you to enter data with just about any attribute (column) you want. So for idea management, you’d start with a Table, create rows (ideas), and then add any number of columns or attributes to track them.

I’ve outlined two ways to manage idea management in Coda in this doc - one for smaller instances of idea management (quick voting, discussion), and another for longer scale, ongoing idea management.

Coda’s Recognition as Idea Management Software

Coda is considered a category leader of Idea Management software according to the software rating website

And it was the software with the highest user adoption of all rated Idea Management tools - probably because it’s as easy to use as a doc 😉.


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