How to build a Blue Wave in November

Inspiration for this doc

I’ve been politically involved since I was in high school, when I campaigned door-to-door for Bill Bradley (remember him?). Like many people I know, I was devastated when Hillary lost in 2016, and was deeply aware that I could have done much, much more to secure her victory. Sure, I did some phonebanking, focusing on Michigan. I gave a bit of money. But I wasn’t that fired up, as it seemed obvious she would win. When the Access Hollywood tape came out in mid October, I was certain, this thing was in the bag. Who on earth would vote for Trump?

Unfortunately, 79, 346
across Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and that was all it took to swing the electoral college his way.

This year, of all years, I’m not leaving anything to chance. I know what it’s like to be politically on the wrong side of the statistics, and I’ll be damned if I am again without working my 🍑 off. Myself and a group of friends have been holding fundraisers for Democrats for the last several years, and earlier this year we made a pact to travel to a swing state - Wisconsin, North Carolina, maybe Arizona - this fall, to knock on doors and get folks fired up, probably taking off weeks of work to do so.

Then COVID happened, and door-to-door canvassing seems both impractical and dangerous. But that doesn’t mean we can’t phone- and text-bank! But how to keep each other accountable, and motivated when we can’t all knock on doors together, rent an Airbnb, and talk politics nonstop? That’s where this doc comes in

How it works

At its heart, this doc is just a table of activity log - each time anyone in the group phonebanks, text-banks, organizes friends, or does anything “political volunteery”, they click a button and log the entry. There is a pre-set list of potential items in the
table, which you can add to. There’s also a
page, which filters out to only show the activity the logged-in user viewing the page has done, as well as a timer so they can ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ when they’re volunteering.

The motivation part of the doc starts in the main page,
, which shows progress by each person, across all categories, and has a canvas formula which automatically displays whomever has done the most volunteer work. There’s also an automation which runs every Sunday night, and sends an email summarizing last week’s progress, the number of days until the election, and a motivating fact about the Trump administration.

There’s a
for teammates to add phonebanking details so folks can find out where to volunteer. And there are state-specific pages under
, where you can add more information about each state you’re calling into, so you can have more informed conversations with voters.

I hope this doc helps you get folks fired up for the Blue Wave coming in November!

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