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Tetsu Kasuya 4:6 Method


The 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion
This recipe is intended to be used with a Hario v60 dripper. All of the information listed here was taken from this , where you can purchase his custom-made v60 model. The calculations were lifted from this , which I discovered on Reddit.
🏆️ WORLD BREWERS CUP 2016 Champion
🏆️ JAPAN BREWERS CUP 2015 Champion
Three years after Tetsu Kasuya stepped into the coffee industry, in 2016 he became the first Asian world champion in the World Brewers Cup for his unique "4:6 method." He is currently active in many countries including Japan, engaged in coaching, consulting for companies, product promotion, and product development. He also serves as a judge for competitions, devoting his efforts to nurturing future baristas.

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