Advanced Tech Consulting

Week 4 Prompt

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Translating Business Requirements
Focus on turning a client’s business requirements into an actionable functional spec document.
Badges: Requirement Translation, Product Design
As a technology consultant, you’ll often be presented with your client’s business requirements: high-level descriptions of what deliverables are needed and their outcomes—but not how to accomplish them. Your job is then to determine how to translate these requirements into functional requirements. Functional requirements are a specific breakdown that explains how the project will operate to meet the specified business requirements.
In this case, your client from week 1, AnimeMax, has hired you for help with their product expansion. Their current streaming platform consists of the following elements:
A content library in which users can pick a movie, TV show, or special to watch
A personalized recommendations section of the content library, which chooses titles the user may like based on what they have watched
A viewer interface in which users can watch their chosen title with or without subtitles
Your clients mention that many of their users would like to watch content on the go. Though they currently offer a mobile app, they find that many of their users would like to watch content when commuting or traveling—often to places without robust data connectivity. Because of this, they have given you the following business requirement:
Implement a system that will allow users to download content to their mobile device in order allow them to watch AnimeMax content without an active data or internet connection.
Your manager would like you to take the lead on putting together a high-level functional spec document. She mentioned that it doesn’t have to dive into the tech specifics, but she would like it to be a comprehensive overview of the actions users can take.
Optional Teaming: If you are working as a team, we collaborating to put together a list of features for the document. Think about the impact each feature can have and how it works with everything else.
First, think through the notion of a ‘download’ feature. What examples of download features have you seen work well? What do they allow users to do? Are there any potential drawbacks?
Creating the functional spec may require some product design—you may want to sketch out the interface of the download feature. How will this look to a user?
You’ll also want to think this through from an internal perspective. What tools will be required on the AnimeMax side to manage downloads? What data might AnimeMax want to capture?
Combine your functional spec—which takes both user-facing and internal tools into account—into a document that you can deliver to your development team.
Save your document as a PDF and upload it to submit!
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Save your document as a PDF and upload it to submit!
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