Advanced Tech Consulting

Week 3 Prompt

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Slide Deck Storytelling
Take your presentations to the next level by focusing on clarity, design, and flow to tell effective business stories.
Badges: Storytelling, Powerpoint Skills, Competitive Analysis
Your team has been hired by Smöl, an established Scandinavian drug store chain. The chain operates over 3,000 drug stores in 7 European countries from its home base in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The chain has operated since the mid 1970s, but is recently experiencing increased competition from newer drug store chains. In response, the CEO is looking to modernize its data collection systems so it can better target customers. Currently, Smöl only tracks very basic information, such as total revenue and number of customers per day.
After finishing up your data analysis for Smöl, your team has begun digging into the European pharmacy market. They’d like to know more about the industry landscape—both in terms of established competitors and newer entrants. Though your previous data analysis primarily focused on physical pharmacy retailers, your team is also curious about online competitors.
Meanwhile, your boss has been completely MIA (missing in action) this week. She had to fly back to New York midweek for an emergency meeting with a separate client so you haven’t had any chances to check in with her. Instead, you received this email from her:
Sorry I’ve been out of the loop—been dealing with some craziness back in NY. We have a big update meeting with Smöl next week. I wanted to update them on the competitive pharmacy landscape—show them competitors, trends, etc. Please use Porter’s Five Forces to analyze the industry. Unfortunately I won’t have any time to review it, so the storytelling and design need to be flawless. I’m counting on you here.
Consultants use slide decks as their primary form of communication. In order to convey recommendations, insights, and information in an engaging and easy to understand manner, decks need to be clear, well-designed, and well-structured. There are many specific tips for creating well-designed presentations—see those in the resources below. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that your slide deck tells a story. In this challenge, you’ll be creating a presentation—or rather, a story—about the competitive pharmacy landscape.
First, read up on Porter’s Five Forces—a strategic framework used to analyze companies and their given industry.
Once you have a solid understanding of the framework, conduct the research required for your chosen analysis. Note - to simplify things, you can analyze the pharmacy industry in the US, rather than Europe.
Compile your framework and analysis into a slide deck. Pay careful attention to the layout and flow of your presentation. Watch and read the resources below for best practices and examples.
Once you’ve developed the structure and flow of your deck, it’s time to make it look good. Remember, since your clients will be seeing this, it needs to look professional. (Tip: you can use resources like to find slide templates)
Save your deck as a PDF and upload it to submit!

(avoid those listed as ‘dense’)

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