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Week 3 Mentor Guide

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Mentor Guideline
INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE #2 - Slide Deck Storytelling
Mentor notes:
In this challenge, learners focus heavily on building professional-grade presentations. In order to focus on storytelling and slide deck design, the content is designed to be more simple than past challenges. Learners will strategically analyze the pharmacy industry (continuing the example of Smöl from the previous week) via Porter’s Five Forces
As a reminder, Porter’s Five Forces focuses on breaking down the following:
1. Competition in the industry
2. Potential of new entrants into the industry
3. Power of suppliers
4. Power of customers
5. Threat of substitute products
Once again, their analysis is not the true focus of this assignment—so simply ensure that their work for the pharmacy industry seems logical. Instead, focus on the flow and design of their presentation. Here are a few key things to look out for:
Does the deck have a title page? An executive summary?
Does the title of each slide highlight a key takeaway? Or does it simply name/ label what’s available on the slide?
Has the learner used well-designed charts to substantiate their takeaways and findings? Well-designed charts are easy to read, highlight key information, and tie in with the presentation’s message.
Do the slides incorporate vertical flow? I.e. each slide consists of a key message backed up by main arguments and subsequently supporting data.
Does the presentation holistically flow together (ie horizontal flow)? Is there a single story being told, or does it seem like multiple disjointed points?
Is the presentation well-designed? Aesthetics can be very subjective, but there are some general principles that can be upheld across the board:
The design is clear and draws the eye to the most important points
The content is concise—not overloaded with superfluous text or notes
The slide is well-formatted—i.e. text is aligned, consistently sized, and neatly placed
The slide’s design and colors are consistent

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