Advanced Tech Consulting

Week 1 Prompt

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Customer Journey Mapping
Map out the emotions and actions of streaming video users to help identify pain points and possible product features.
Badges: Product Design, User Experience, Customer Experience
AnimeMax is a new video streaming platform that focuses exclusively on Japanese anime content. The platform offers movies, TV shows, and behind the scenes features. Like Netflix or HBOMax, users can stream AnimeMax on their phone, computer, or TV via a device like Roku.
The AnimeMax team is small and has been largely focused on licensing content from creators. However, they’ve been receiving some feedback that their mobile application is unintuitive and a pain to use. Some loyal fans have stayed on, but the company has seen their subscriber count and number of daily active users drop substantially.
AnimeMax’s CEO has hired your team to help diagnose issues and redesign the app to solve customer pain points. In order to do so, you have been tasked with mapping out AnimeMax’s customer journey.
Customer journeys are a way of understand how users interact with your product—they detail what users are thinking, feeling, and doing before, during, after they use your app. In mapping out their journey, you can figure out what pain points customers have—and address them through product features.
A customer journey for a streaming platform may seem straightforward: you open your phone, select the app, and click on something you want to watch. But if you think a little deeper, a lot of questions arise:
When do users watch content on their phone? Are they traveling? Commuting? Laying in bed?
How do users choose what they want to watch?
What are users feeling when they’re discovering new content or watching their favorite show?
Keep these questions in mind while you build out your customer journey map for AnimeMax!

Conduct initial research on the video streaming market. Which products have been most successful and why? What features do they offer? Your research could include a competitive analysis of similar products, market sizing of the industry, or a deeper dive into the revenues and expenses of streaming companies.
Next, using the examples from Hubspot or Lucidchart in the resources, select a persona for your journey map—who is your target customer? Next, brainstorm the actions and emotions that users go through when using AnimeMax.
Once you have your actions and emotions brainstorm, create a formal customer map.
Compile your market research and customer map into a slide presentation. Save the presentation as a PDF and upload it to submit.

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