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Thank you for mentoring with! We know our mentee (”Learner”) community will greatly benefit from your expertise and coaching, and are so excited to have on board!
The Hub has everything you need, including best practices for mentoring, weekly challenge prompts and mentor guides, frequently asked questions, and more. Feel free to bookmark this page for your future reference! 😀
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Mentoring Opportunities
We have a variety of flexible mentoring opportunities for our program that runs from September 7th to September 21st. Please communicate with for which opportunities you will be able to attend!
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Office Hours
Informal space to meet with learners to help them with their weekly challenges, discuss career goals, etc. You set the times - we just ask that you provide ~1 hour/week during the program. Please click on for details on how to set up office hours!
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Weekly Challenge Prompts and Guides
Please navigate to the industry you’re mentoring for and find prompts and mentor guides for each week there.
Finance Interview Prep
Management Consulting
Tech Consulting
Mentor Best Practices and Resources
, Association for Talent Development
, Harvard Business Review
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m nervous! This is my first time mentoring - what should I expect?
You’re going to be great! Mentors are not meant to be experts, they are listeners and supporters. We listen to our Learners, provide feedback in a safe space, cheer them on, and share your experience where relevant and when the Learner asks for personal anecdotes.
Presentation events and office hours are meant for learners to actively take in feedback, rather than for space for the mentor to talk extensively about their own experience. For office hours, it’s helpful to establish a goal in the beginning, be patient and work to establish a safe, constructive, positive rapport with the Learner from the start.
Engage active listening, and provide bite-sized constructive feedback (start with a positive, and limit feedback to only 1-2 things they can improve).
For events, there will likely be a team member in/floating between the break-out rooms to help with engagement and rules of conduct.
What if my learner is a no show to office hours or is unprofessional?
We ask mentors to fill out a short feedback form after every office hour and you’ll be able to indicate a learner no show there or any other concerns you may have. You can also directly email with any concerns.
What if I don’t know the answer to a question a learner asks?
Feel free to follow up later via email or direct them to email
What are the challenges?
Challenges are meant to simulate real entry-level workplace tasks, such as conducting DCF analysis (Finance), using MECE/Porter’s Five Forces (Mgmt Consulting), or coming up with a project plan that considers the software development life cycle (Tech Consulting). Challenges are released weekly to learners every Wednesday, though some learners may ask to review previous challenges with you during office hours.
We ask mentors to briefly review the challenge prompt and mentor guide for the specific week that a Learner wants to review ahead of the event and office hour. However, please spend no more than 15-20 minutes reviewing per challenge! Again, we don’t ask you to be an expert on any of the subject matter 🙂
Who are the learners?
Our learners are over 70% first generation college students and majority are students of color.
Mentor Feedback
We ask all mentors to fill out a quick 1 minute form for learners who attend office hours! Please click the button below to add your feedback!
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