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Toolkit for Local Groups

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Increasing Turnout

Engaging local groups of strikers

To help get more people digital striking and make sure to get in contact with other strikers/groups in the area. This is often easy as a lot of strike groups have Instagram pages so try sending them a direct message. If this page is inactive look for people from that group, they might even be tagged in the groups Instagram posts from the past.
Once you have been messaged back you can send them this toolkit or you could offer your own personal experience to educate them. Maybe even try doing a zoom call with them so you both know what's going on in that area and if they will need any more help with digital strikes and keeping up with themes.
If you are doing a local campaign for your area to lobby/target a certain issue make sure to give them resources to take part in that. This could be anything from a list of tags and hashtags to a full education pack on why you are doing your lobbying and how.

Social Media

Make sure to be posting your digital collage onto your account or your local groups Instagram account to make sure people know that you are still active. There is more help on this in the social media section of this toolkit.

Getting Schools and Universities Involved

A good way of doing this is to email your teachers/lectures to make them aware of your actions. In this time many schools are happy to get students involved with extra curricula projects.
Ask teachers to send out bits of information about your actions with the work they are setting. If you have online lessons ask them (or you) to say something about the Digital Strikes that are happening. Although you may feel like your school is completely against you walking out of school many teachers are appreciative of the cause and want to help in any way they feel like is not impacting your education. Make a little online flyer teachers can attach to school work or further emails. This way teachers will be able to learn more about the movement and so will the students that receive the information. The worst your school can say is no.
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