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Toolkit for Local Groups

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Change On The Local Level

Choosing A Local Campaign

Your local group should cover a city, town, or region.


Identify possible change-makers in the region that your local group covers. This could be a mayor, city council members, a business etc. When you are informing people about your digital strike, let them know who your campaign is targeting so that they know who to tag in their digital strike if they are going to post it. On Instagram, whoever you tag will receive a notification about it and then will continue to receive notifications whenever someone engages with the post. Their notifications will be flooded with "x liked a post you are tagged in" or "x commented in a post you are tagged in". This is how the change-maker will notice your digital strike and the more engagements the post receives, the more notifications they will receive and the more visible the strike will be.
When making the general collage of all the digital strike submissions you receive, you can tag the change-makers or @ them in the comments. That way, they receive notifications for the individual digital strikes that people post and for the general post from the local group social media account.

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