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90s Jeopardy!


Play 90's themed Jeopardy in this Coda doc!
Create team names
Ask a 90’s related question to select first team to go
What was the federal minimum wage for most the 1990s? ($4.25)
What was the first rap song to hit No. 1 on the
Hot 100? (Ice Ice Baby)
What’s the infamous haircut inspired by a “Must See TV” sitcom? (The Rachel)
Team selects category & point group first,
First team to react gets to answer, 10 seconds to answer
Must answer question Jeopardy-format, with “What is ___?”
If team cannot answer, other teams get a chance to answer
Winning team selects next category (go back to step 4)

About this doc

This doc is formatted to keep score for 3 different teams
Only the quizmaster needs access to this doc, they need to share their screen to show the “That’s so 90s!” page
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