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J Friday | Optimist. Author. Villejer.
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Hoy! I’m Jess. Or J. Or you can call me Friday

I am in a process of solving problems for myself, then handing out the solutions to the rest of the world while co-creating communities of care and systems of community wealth :) This website is one of those processes. I am building a personal management database for myself, a sort of self-organizing support system while practicing with my friends. I’m also using this to build Villej, a community brand for neurodivergent folks like me.
It’s been super hard to do while traumatized, disabled, and financially and housing insecure. But that’s the larger problem I’m solving for all of us — because I never want to see any of us go through this struggle again. Support me via the links below or feel free to reach out and see how we can help one another.

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