Health Declaration Documentation Overview for H&S Team

Employee Onboarding

Declaration Form Functionality

H&S Required Team Action

Action Required / H&S Team

Employee Referral / Tab

Referral Automation
The employee referral letter is triggered after the the H&S rep has entered the results/status for each of the required vaccinations .

Dynamic Reporting

The following reports have been setup to automatically display the required information as described in the below descriptions. Once requirements have been met, the employee will automatically be dropped off of the report.
Vaccination Reoccurring report will return all employees who have a required vaccination that is reoccurring.
Vaccination Pending / Due report will return all employees who have Declined as a status to any of the required vaccines in which the vac due date has passed the current date. This report is useful to ensure a follow up list can be generated of all employees given a vaccination referral letter.
H&S Dec All Questions report will display all questions and answers by employee, which is grouped by department and sorted by hireDate.
H&S Dec - Not Completed similar to the report above, except this will show all active employees who have not completed their declaration.

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