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Jerome Mouneyrac blog
Jerome Mouneyrac blog

The video games I play

Hearthstone Battleground

I wrote a
about it - a fantastic battle royal in the form of a card game. Many of my own matches feel epic - most than any other competitive games I played.

Starcraft 2

I still play a couple of games once in a while. It is without a doubt the game I played the most in my life. I trained to get better, but after a couple of successful five minutes sessions at 200APM (action per minute), my wrists could not handle it. Despite been very excited to play at pro speed, I gave up on the high-ranking hopes. I am a happy Platinium player. Starcraft 2 was dedication - a game like no others.
People wrote songs about the game

2015 World Championship recap

Dark Souls

I will finish it.

Plague tale

It is an action/adventure game, a sort of French Last of Us. The French dubbing is so good that it makes the characters alive, believable, and lovable. A great heartily game in a terrible atmosphere. A surprise.

Rocket league

I need to take some courses. My son is beating me and he is too young for this curious behaviour. I was expecting him to start with this bad habit later. It took him three months at five years old... It is what I will remember from this game.
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