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Jerome Mouneyrac blog
Jerome Mouneyrac blog

My Top 5 cheap products for 2021

Top 5 - An hair trimmer

An item that saved me a lot of money and time since I bought it. I followed the instruction of this video once - it is so simple that I never had to watch it a second time:
I bought the
at 30 AUD - it is still working fine. Cheaper than a single haircut.

Top 4 - A ukulele

My ukulele was worth 120 Australian dollars and I am very happy with it. It is a great instrument to start learning guitar, the chords are easier to play than on a normal guitar. As it is cheap I don't feel bad for not putting it into a case. I recommend buying a tenor size, it is a bit larger than the two smaller Ukulele sizes, but it still retains the Ukulele tone (the top string is a high note), and it delivers more volume. My uke is a Stagg UT70-S, but I think you can't order it anymore. I bought it at a music shop at a discount price as it was the previous year's model. The only advice I would give is to avoid less than 100 AUD kits. I bought two very cheap kits, and both the ukulele and the guitar from these kits needed to be tuned every single time. That will be too annoying, you would give up - and it would be a shame, you could learn to play "La vie en rose":

Top 3 - An Audible subscription

is the audiobook service from Amazon. The only issue with the service is that you will only get one free book of your choice per month, plus one free pre-selected book, and some quality Audible-only podcasts.
It is perfect for commute time and to avoid screen at bedtime. But take care some storytellers are terribly good you may not sleep...
Audible costs 16.45 AUD per month.

Top 2 - A toothbrush with a timer

Buying an expensive toothbrush could make you react like my father learning about my new WiFi Fitbit weight. An unstoppable laugh followed by recurrent jokes. And to be honest, he was right. I did stop tracking my weight on the Fitbit.But I still use the toothbrush's main feature. The toothbrush tells you every 30 seconds to change position. No quick brushing can happen, no thinking when to switch position. You're welcome for your future white teeth.
I use the
which comes with a sensitive setting, more gentle with your gum than the unique rotation speed of the cheaper electric models.
So yeah... I bought an 89 dollars toothbrush.

Top 1 - An Headspace subscription

is a meditation app. Andy, a mindfulness meditation expert teaches you to focus on your breath and your feet. Through various exercises you will be reconnecting with yourself, reconnecting with the interactions you have with your world.
To me, it has been really beneficial. Apparently, many psychology experts recommend it and agree on the various benefits (instant stress reduction, happiness, focus, health).
Two cons:* since I started four years ago, the app lost its simplicity. The business side probably started to creep the design with features and audio recordings to justify renewing your subscription. I think it makes it hard to find some of the best modules I experienced. If you try the service, after finishing the three base modules, then the anxiety module is by far the one that worked the best on me.* I heard that the meditation process triggered the memory of deeper issues on some persons (as you reconnect on yourself). These persons ended up feeling worst after the sessions. So it may not be for everyone.
Headspace costs 92 AUD per year.
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