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Jerome Mouneyrac blog
Jerome Mouneyrac blog

About this site

This is my blog. I write about my personal hobbies, what I learned, what I love.
To introduce myself, I am a dad, in my forties, I am Australian and French. I work full time as React Native app developer. You can read about my latest personal projects on this site. And as you probably don't care about them, I will try my best to advertise these projects in a way you understand why I created them.
“Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty on it.- Donald Knuth
My hobby is to go out with my love ones. I also enjoy a lot of games with my son. They are becoming more interesting as he gets older - it is what the word awesome should be used for.I know four guitar chords. I will teach you. It will be the first time you beat your teacher in a week. I love football - the one with actors - I love basketkall - I actually love sports in general even thought I am becoming "pantouflard". Did I tell you, you may learn some cool French words? Much better than "Sacre bleu", "Le poisson", and "Baguette".
“Everybody makes mistakes, but when goalkeepers make them, it is costly. That's the nature of being a goalkeeper.”- Gary Speed - Welsh International player (1990-2004)

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