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Pre-K & Kinder (Monday)

Today’s Story: In the Beginning (Genesis 1-2)
God is AMAZING! He made the sun in the sky, the animals, the whole world—they’re all His creations. But do you know what God’s most AMAZING creation is? It’s you and me! God made people to be like Him so we can trust and follow Jesus, and be His special friends!
1. Storybook
Open up to today’s story in the storybook on Page 6 and read it out loud with your kids.
2. Review
Say the Question together: Who made you?
Say the Answer together: God made me amazing!
Say the Verse together: Psalm 139:14 “How you made me is amazing and wonderful.”
3. Picture Passes
Place the Adventure Bag around your shoulder.
Open it up and pull out the first Picture Pass.
Ask the questions written on the back of the Picture Pass and let kids answer.
Repeat these steps for the each of the Picture Passes.
4. Story Cards
Lay the Story Cards in order and follow the instructions on the back of each card.
Read the caption on the front of the story card.
ASK: How long did Abraham wait for God’s promise? (A long time)
ACT IT OUT: Make tick tock noises like a clock.
5. Coloring Page
With the remaining time that you have, allow kids to draw on their coloring pages.
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