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1st-3rd Grade (Tu)

Big Idea: My faith grows deeper when I spend time with others.
Bible Story: Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man (Mark 2:1-12)
Memory Verse: Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. GALATIANS 6:2
Play a version of Simon Says with your S.E.A. Agents in Training called “Sergeant Says”.
Give various commands to your kids starting with “Sergeant Says” and have kids sit down when they miss a command.
Memory Verse
Look up the memory verse and read it out loud with your kids.
Give each kid one of the plastic cups. Each cup will have one word from the memory verse written on it.
Review the verse together by letting each kid say the word on their cup.
Collect all of the cups, mix them up, and then hand one cup to each kid.
Challenge the kids to line up their cups in the correct order of the memory verse.
Bonus Ideas: Time your kids to see how fast they can line them up in the right order.
Look up Mark 2:1-12 and read it out loud.
Optional: Choose a few kids to be characters from the Bible story and invite them to act it out as you read the story.
The man in this story needed to meet Jesus, but he couldn’t get to Him! Not only was the house where Jesus was teaching completely full, but this man wasn’t able to walk.
What did his friends do to help him?
Why do you think his friends decided to help him?
The man’s friends picked him up on his mat, and carried him all the way to the house where Jesus was. But they didn’t stop there.
They climbed onto the roof.
They dug a hole in the roof.
They got some rope and figured out what to do.
They lowered their friend down toward Jesus.
(And hopefully they fixed whoever’s roof they destroyed.)
When the man finally met Jesus (thanks to his friends), the man got more than he ever dreamed he would get! Jesus healed his legs — but even more importantly, Jesus forgave him and gave him a brand new life!
You may never need to dig a hole in a roof and throw one of your friends through it, but what are some other ways we can help our friends get closer to Jesus? (Have every kid shout their answer, but then ask a few kids to share their answers with everyone.)
When several kids have answered, list the ways we can help each other grow, like...
Pray for them.
Encourage them when they’re sad.
Tell them about Jesus.
Invite them to church.
Do kind things for them
MAKE IT PERSONAL: Tell a story from your own life about someone who helped you get closer to Jesus. Be specific about who they are and what they did to help you grow. Then ask the kids, “Who’s someone who helps you get closer to Jesus?”
Tell us about one of your good friends. What do you like to do with them?
Tell us about a time when you needed help from a friend. What did your friend do to help you?
If you were the man on the mat, how would you have felt when your friends brought you to Jesus?
How can you help your friends this week?
20 Questions
Have in mind a person, place or thing related to the story.
Explain to the kids that they have 20 yes-or-no questions to ask to find out what it is.
Let kids take turns asking the questions.
Wrap Up
Close your small group time by praying with your kids.
With the remaining time you have left, let kids work on the activity pages in their binder. Use this time to connect with the kids in your group. It’s often in the “blank space” that relationships begin to form!
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