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1st-3rd Grade (Th)

Big Idea: My faith grows deeper when I share my story.
Bible Story: Peter and John Share The Gospel (Acts 4:1-20)
Memory Verse: [Jesus] told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” MARK 16:15
In the middle of the room, lay two pool noodles on the ground. Start with the pool noodles really close together.
When you say, “Go,” kids will take turns trying to jump over both pool noodles.
Spread the two pool noodles apart a little bit and repeat. Keep going until it’s too wide for anyone to jump over!
If someone falls into the “ocean” (can’t jump over both pool noodles), they must “swim” back to the starting line.
WHAT YOU SAY: Some things can be too difficult for us, like trying to jump that last distance! Or maybe talking about Jesus to our friends. Our memory verse for Mission: DEEP SEA tells us that God’s love is SO wide, long, high, and deep – way wider than these jump ropes!
Look up Acts 4:1-20 and read it out loud.
Optional: Choose a few kids to be characters from the Bible story and invite them to act it out as you read the story.
Peter and John were just two regular, ordinary people, but when they met Jesus, their lives changed forever. They couldn’t stop telling others about who Jesus was and what Jesus had done for them.
Have you ever heard news that was so great that you couldn’t wait to tell someone about it?
Have you ever seen something so amazing that you just had to tell someone about what you’d seen?
That’s how Peter and John felt! They had seen the amazing things Jesus had done, and wanted everyone to know about it. So Peter and John traveled from city to city, telling people about Jesus and performing miracles with God’s power.
Even when powerful people tried to make Peter and John stop talking about Jesus, they wouldn’t. Instead, they said, “We can’t help it! We have to talk about what we’ve seen God do!”
MAKE IT PERSONAL: Tell a story from your own life about how you met and started following Jesus. Be sure to share your faith story on an age-appropriate level, and include at least one way that Jesus changed your life for the better.
What were Peter and John doing in the Bible story? (Telling people about Jesus.)
What happened to Peter and John when they were talking about Jesus? (They got in trouble.)
What did Peter and John say when the people told them to stop sharing God’s story? (They said they couldn’t help it. They couldn’t stop.)
Who helped Peter and John have courage to share the story? (God helped them.)
Memory Verse
The object of the game is to keep the beach ball in the air until the kids can recite the entire verse from memory.
Kids must use their hands or other body parts to bump the ball in the air to each other. They cannot catch and throw it.
Every time someone bumps the ball, the kids must say one word of the verse.
If the ball hits the ground before the entire verse has been recited, pick it up and start over from the beginning. (If you need to make it harder, tell the kids they can use any body part except for their hands.)
Think about this: if you were making a movie about your faith story, what would the movie be like?
Would Jesus be a superhero, or knight in shining armor, or brave warrior who protects you from a scary monster? And would you then tell everyone about the amazing person who saved your life?
Or maybe you love sci-fi movies, so you’d be a space explorer trapped in an alien prison, until Jesus sets you free, and then you travel the universe together setting other people free
Or maybe you would want a happy, feel-good movie, so your movie poster would be filled with all of the people and good things God has given you.
Whatever you want to draw is up to you, but make sure your movie tells God’s story as well as your story. For the next few minutes, let’s use our creativity to draw a movie poster of our stories of faith so far!
INSTRUCTIONS: Give every kid an 11” x 17” sheet of paper and some crayons, and let them draw their movie posters. As you wrap up, ask a few kids to share their creations and how their movie posters share God’s story.
Isn’t it amazing how different all of our stories are? That’s exactly how God intended it! God’s story never changes, but the way God’s story changes our lives is always special and unique.
When we share our stories with others, it helps our faith grow and it helps others learn more about our God who changes lives!
This week, I hope you remember how exciting it is that we can share God’s story! When we tell others about who Jesus is, we get to see God grow our faith (and other people’s faith too).
Wrap Up
Close your small group time by praying with your kids.
With the remaining time you have left, let kids work on the activity pages in their binder. Use this time to connect with the kids in your group. It’s often in the “blank space” that relationships begin to form!
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