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1st-3rd Grade (Monday)

Big Idea: My faith grows deeper when I spend time with God.
Bible Story: Jesus Visits Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42)
Memory Verse: Come close to God, and God will come close to you. JAMES 4:8a
Gather the kids in your small group in a circle and play the Lame Name Game.
Here’s how it goes: go around the circle and invite each kid to share their name and answer a silly question.
Today’s Silly Question: If you could combine any two animals to create a “super animal”, what two animals would you choose? And what would you call your super animal?
Human Scavenger Hunt
Give each kid a Human Scavenger Hunt Sheet.
Each space has something written on it, such as “someone wearing red”.
Challenge kids to find someone in the group who fits in each space.
Each kid must write their name on the space they are signing off for.
The first person to fill all their spots wins.

Tip for Younger Kids: Try reviewing each item on the Human Scavenger Hunt Sheet out loud before you start. That will make it easier for the kids who are still getting comfortable reading on their own. Also, you can simplify the game a little bit by having their classmates draw a circle around each space rather than writing their name on each space.
Look up Luke 10:38-42 and read it out loud.
Optional: Choose a few kids to be characters from the Bible story and invite them to act it out as you read the story.
Jesus went to Mary and Martha’s house for dinner, but when He got there, only Mary spent time with Him! Martha was busy cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for the party. She was so busy that she even got angry with Mary for not helping!
Do you think Mary did anything wrong? (let kids answer)
Do you think Martha did anything wrong? (let kids answer)
But Jesus wasn’t angry at Mary, and He didn’t think she did anything wrong. He was happy Mary was spending time with Him!
Even though Jesus corrected Martha and told her to come sit with Him, Jesus wasn’t angry at her—He just thought she needed a reminder about what mattered most.
MAKE IT PERSONAL: Tell a story from your own life about some of the things that distract you from spending time with God. Then ask the kids, “What’s one thing that distracts you from spending time with God?”
Who did Jesus go visit?
What did Martha do when Jesus came to their house?
What did Mary do when Jesus came to their house?
If you were Martha, what would you have said to your sister for not helping you?
Who did Jesus say made the made the better choice? Why?
Memory Verse
Look up the memory verse and read it out loud.
Choose a kid to roll a dice, then have the kids recite the verse together in the style that corresponds with the list below.
#1: In a robot voice.
#2: While hopping on one foot.
#3: While making a silly face.
#4: Like you’re sitting in a bathtub filled with ice water.
#5: Like you’re being chased by a dragon.
#6: Make up your own.
When finished, hand the dice to another kid and repeat.
Wrap Up
Close your small group time by praying with your kids.
With the remaining time you have left, let kids work on the activity pages in their binder. Use this time to connect with the kids in your group. It’s often in the “blank space” that relationships begin to form!

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