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Resources for Great Teaching
Resources for Great Teaching

Creating Slides

These are my favorite sites and apps for creating slides. Each lets you make simple, strong visuals to convey a clear core message.

Pitch = Slick pro-looking templates. Great for making slides with colleagues.
Projector = Funky, stylish templates. Lets you export a video version of slides. (Acquired by available only through March, 2022) = Templates for individual slides, including numbers, charts, timelines, word clouds and more. Can automatically reflow the design to fit your content.
Keynote = Best desktop slide creator. Mac only. Superb for offline use.
Wunderpresentation = Make slides out of Notion pages, Trello or text.
Pear Deck = Adds an interactive layer to Google Slides so students can answer questions, add thoughts, and annotate things during class or afterwards.

Here’s about this if you want more on this subject 👇


And my post about Canva, which can also be a great slide creation tool

Videos to watch to see these tools in action 📺


Other slide tools if you want even more neat options 👇

More new slide platforms to explore

👉 Simple slides let people focus on listening to you rather than decoding bullet points.

A checklist for making a slide:
◦ Is this slide essential to my message? If not, cut the whole slide.
◦ Could a visual be used instead of text?
◦ If not, could I cut half the text on this slide?
◦ Could I enlarge the text so it's easier to read?
◦ Could I use simpler, shorter words?

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