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Franziska Schwarz
Daniela Schmidt
Mona Saidi
Introductory Venture Updates
📋 Summary - WHAT we’re creating
We help queer people partying safely by connecting them with great events and host via a newsletter.
We help people who identify as queer or lgbtq+ to find events that tender to their need for feeling security.
We help a lesbian couple to find a party where they can be ensured to not be harassed, but if so, the person harrassing them would not be welcome at the party.
Gen Z teenagers want to go out for the first time in Vienna – they are very active on tiktok and the internet and want to find cool and safe places to hang out and have fun.
A single girl wants to enjoy a night with her friends out and get a good overview of the „cool“ parties in town.
🏋️‍♂️Motivation - WHY we’re doing this
We think it is important to have space in the public, regardless of your sexuality.
Need help with this? Potential motivations may include:
personal experiences
personal background
professional passions
concern for a community
🧑‍💻Persona - WHO we’re serving
Include a few sentences about someone(s) you’re aiming to serve. This person is either a real person you have in mind, or representative of the people you’re aiming to reach with your product.
For example:
Emily works in a marketing agency developing project plans for 5 clients. She spends her weekdays with 10+ tabs open on her laptop juggling multiple deadlines and needs to find ways to work more efficiently so she can free time up for creative projects and personal goals.
Dora is a musician in her mid-twenties from Vienna. She identifies as a queer lesbian woman. As part of her job, she constantly attends parties and often gets in unpleasant situations with especially men, since they doubt her abilities as a drummer. When going out in her spare time, she would rather stay home than dealing with these kinds of situation.
Alex is in her early thirties. She wants to enjoy a night out, after two years of staying inside because of the pandemic. At the moment, she’s not looking for a partner in particular, but she wouldn’t mind to meet some prospective candidates. When it comes to dating, political views matter to Alex, she would never that someone who absolutely opposes her political view (abortion should be legal).

Later on, you can dive deeper to create a more fully fleshed-out persona. Here’s a helpful resource for that 👇
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And later on you can use to create a fully-fleshed out persona outline 👇
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🔗 Links — WHERE we’re creating
If/when you have already have a site for your venture, list it here. If you have multiple social accounts for your venture, list them too.
facebook (+ facebook group)
🎈 Inspiration — HOW we draw ideas/energy

Include examples of people, projects, sites, apps, newsletters, podcasts, books, films or anything else that inspires you by doing something related in some way to the project work you’re doing
from our own lives and friends’ lives
stories from the media
existing offline projects
the infamous capeet giglist which lists every single concert in vienna

🤨 Question — ONE thing we’re exploring...
How to generate as many subscribers as fast as possible.

Need help with this? Potential questions might include:
Which customer group to focus on first – younger lgbtq+ people (but we are also tendering to older ones)
Which particular customer need is most pressing
What collaborator or partner(s) I should prioritize - hosts / event-organisers clubs
How to validate whether people actually want/need this - survey
Which type of content might be most valuable - well-selected events, short descriptions,
💶 Revenue — Money may come from...
The potential revenue streams we’re considering include:
intial funding - Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Newsletter Subscriptions
Promotions, raffles
hosts / clubs can buy features in the newsletter (BUT have to be approved in terms of credibility
community board on patreon
❓Community survey questions... Share your list of questions below

• Where do you live?
• How old are you?
• How would you identify yourself?
• Do you see yourself as part of a community?
• How often do you go out in a regular month (not during the pandemic)
• What makes a good party for you?
• How often do you check your mail account?
• Are you currently subscribed to any newsletters?
• If so, how many?
• Do you read them?
• If not, why?
• At the moment, how do you inform yourself on events that are taking place in Vienna?
• Which is you favourite Party?
• Why?
• What would you like to see in a party newsletter?
• Would you be interested in features on community members?
• Would you read the newsletter if it included advertising?
• Would you be interested in coupons for drinks and parties?
• Are there any bars and clubs in Vienna you do not attend?
• If so why?
• What makes a great party for you?

Need help with this? Potential questions might include:
Community-centered questions
How would you describe your community?
How do you get information about what's happening in your community?
What do you think of the public perception of your community?
What about your community do you love? Why?
What about being part of your community is difficult? Why?
How can media coverage of your community improve?

📋 Lean Canvas Summing up the 9 primary aspects of your venture in a single view
Lean Canvas PDF.pdf
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