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Group B -MissUnderstood

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Jovana Jozin, jovana.jozin@edu.fh-wien.ac.at
Naila Baldwin
Nadine Mittempergher
Introductory Venture Updates
📋 Summary - WHAT we’re creating
TEMPLATE of one-line summary:
We help young girls share experiences and learn from other women and their stories by providing an exchange and information platform.

🏋️‍♂️Motivation - WHY we’re doing this
We want to inspire and educate through providing information about topics that affect young women because we believe it is important. Sex education, job motivation, body issues etc. are topics that might be difficult to talk about at this young age (As they were for us when we were younger). We want to make it possible to create a safe platform that combines education, discussion, networking and Inspiration.

🧑‍💻Persona - WHO we’re serving
young girls in the age of 13-18
- highschool students
- young girls who are in need of an "older sister", someone who can tell them what's right and what's wrong (panel)
- young girls who are interested in feminist content and learnings
For example:
Lisa is a 14 year old highschool student, that likes horse riding and going to the mall with her friends in her free time. She has the dream of becoming a mayor, although her hometown has never had a female mayor before. Her social environment isn't very supportive. She is a girl who has big ambitions, but nowhere to turn to.

Later on, you can dive deeper to create a more fully fleshed-out persona. Here’s a helpful resource for that 👇
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And later on you can use to create a fully-fleshed out persona outline 👇
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🔗 Links — WHERE we’re creating
If/when you have already have a site for your venture, list it here. If you have multiple social accounts for your venture, list them too.
(Not finished yet, Instagram planned and another forum)
🎈 Inspiration — HOW we draw ideas/energy
We take inspiration from various online resources for women. There are many english resources, but only a few german that are focused on young girls.
Magazines like Die Anschläge, Emma
Instagram Accounts like femalecollective, girlboss
Forums such as Women’s Forum
🤨 Question — ONE thing we’re exploring...
One of the key questions I’m exploring at the moment is how to make money with such a platform, especially because young girls at the age 13-18 don’t have an income. We would rely either on advertising, sponsorship, public donations or governmental support.

💶 Revenue — Money may come from...
The potential revenue streams we’re considering include:
Schools, our “product” would help young women in their development
NGOs that are focused on issues women face (violence, discrimination)
Governmental institutions
Influential women who want the younger generation to grow up better than they did/who want to support our mission
Advertising (useful advertising, female hygiene products and similar)
❓Community survey questions... Share your list of questions below
Community survey questions
What are the daily issues you face as young girls in this decade?
What are the topics you want more information on?
What is the best thing about being a young woman?
What is the worst thing about being a young woman?
Are there any topics you feel uncomfortable talking about?

Need help with this? Potential questions might include:
Community-centered questions
How would you describe your community?
How do you get information about what's happening in your community?
What do you think of the public perception of your community?
What about your community do you love? Why?
What about being part of your community is difficult? Why?
How can media coverage of your community improve?

📋 Lean Canvas Summing up the 9 primary aspects of your venture in a single view
Lean Canvas PDF.pdf
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