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Group A - Coffeeshop for young freelancer journalists

Group Members
Betina Petschauer, betina.petschauer@edu.fh-wien.ac.at.
Laura Riener
Katharina Pagitz
Introductory Venture Updates
📋 Summary
We want to creat a coffeeshop for young freelancer journalists in Vienna. A place to share, network, work and learn. We help young freelancer journalists to find their way in the branch and form a network with other freelancer journalists. In addition to cake and coffee, there will be a wide range of info material and workshops on a variety of topics - from tips on finances to writing workshops.
🏋️‍♂️Motivation - WHY we’re doing this
As young journalists, we know the feeling of working alone - without colleagues to brainstorm or exchange experiences with. We want to change that and offer all journalists a place for exchange and further education. As a self-employed journalist, you often face bureaucratic challenges and find little information and contact points. Therefore, we would like to offer a range of courses, for example on finances and taxes, but also on how to improve your writing skills.
🧑‍💻Persona - WHO we’re serving
Emily (24) is a young freelancer journalist form Vienna, who wants to start her own business as a freelancer journalist. She is struggling to find information, how to do this.
John (29) is a journalist from Austria who is already in the business. He doesn't want to work alone at home, so he is searching for a co-working space.
Martina (19) from Italy visits Vienna and wants delicious coffee and cake.
🔗 Links — WHERE we’re creating
We would open the cafe in the 6th or 7th district of Vienna and post offers/info on Instagram and a website and maybe a newsletter.
🎈 Inspiration — HOW we draw ideas/energy
There is one organisation in Austria called that unites freelancer jornalists, gives them information, provides a platform and a way to network. However, the structures of the association are a bit entrenched and there is an annual membership fee. That means who is not a member, has no access to the services and the community. And personal, non-binding meetings, as they would be possible in our coffee shop, do not exist either.
Another example would be , who is a young journalist who provides a mentoring programme for freelancer journalists. But apart from (really good) tips on Instagram, mentoring is quite expensive.
The offers every two months a place for exchange for all PhD students. It is intended to offer PhD students the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues about the challenges in the PhD, to build social contacts and expand their networks or simply to spend a nice evening with colleagues.
The is a coworking cafe in Vienna. Workstations are set up on two levels, which can be used from 2.50 euros per hour. Equipped with power connections, high speed internet, printer and scanner.
The is a coworking place in Vienna for a wide range of people, including freelancers. You have to pay a membership fee and have access to the office. Besides workstations and snacks, you also have access to different experts.
The is also a coworking space. There's large tables, but also small booths. You can reserve meeting rooms in various sizes and a playground for adults with instruments, game consoles, and so on.
The offers a wide variety of continuing education courses for journalists.
🤨 Question — ONE thing we’re exploring...
One of the key questions we are facing at the moment is that we are not sure about the financing.
💶 Revenue — Money may come from...
The potential revenue streams we’re considering include:
selling coffee and cakes
membership fee for workshops or info material (circa. 25€/month and one workshop is included)
payment for specific workshops
financing through public subsidies
❓Community survey questions... Share your list of questions below
Which difficulties do you face when you want to start as a freelancer journalist?
Why do you want to connect with other freelancers?
What do you think are the positive effects of a networking space?
Which informations for starting your business are missing?
Which cakes do you prefer?
Do you also want salty snacks like bagels in the coffeeshop?
Are there any journalistic role models who you would like to perform a workshop?
What kind of interests do you have?
Which aspects of freelancing would you like to discuss in workshops about starting a new business?
How often are you working alone?
Which sources are you currently using when thinking about starting your own business / when you want to get information as a freelancer?
Why is freelancing an option for you?
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