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Examples of Journalism Startup ventures
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Introductory Venture Updates
📋 Summary - WHAT we’re creating
TEMPLATE of one-line summary:
We help XXX do YYY by doing ZZZ

I help new parents in Brooklyn to find schools that fit their children’s needs by providing independent data-centered analyses of local schools and personalized reports

We help local tea drinkers to feel good and do good by fueling them up with artisanal tea in a community-focused space full of art and fresh-baked yummies

I help people too busy to keep up with new sites and tech to find the best ways to do things online by sharing weekly posts that save people time with independent recommendations
NOTE: If you’re not yet sure, put your draft HUNCH as of THIS MOMENT.
Remember these mantras:
DONE is better than perfect.
Going from 1 to 2 is infinitely easier than 0 to 1
The PERFECT is the enemy of the GOOD
🏋️‍♂️Motivation - WHY we’re doing this
Motivation sentence goes here
Need help with this? Potential motivations may include:
personal experiences
personal background
professional passions
concern for a community
🧑‍💻Persona - WHO we’re serving
Include a few sentences about someone(s) you’re aiming to serve. This person is either a real person you have in mind, or representative of the people you’re aiming to reach with your product.
For example:
Emily works in a marketing agency developing project plans for 5 clients. She spends her weekdays with 10+ tabs open on her laptop juggling multiple deadlines and needs to find ways to work more efficiently so she can free time up for creative projects and personal goals.

Later on, you can dive deeper to create a more fully fleshed-out persona. Here’s a helpful resource for that 👇
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And later on you can use to create a fully-fleshed out persona outline 👇
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🔗 Links — WHERE we’re creating
If/when you have already have a site for your venture, list it here. If you have multiple social accounts for your venture, list them too.
Another link can go here
Another link can go here
🎈 Inspiration — HOW we draw ideas/energy

Include examples of people, projects, sites, apps, newsletters, podcasts, books, films or anything else that inspires you by doing something related in some way to the project work you’re doing
List inspiration source goes here
and here
and here
🤨 Question — ONE thing we’re exploring...
One of the key questions I’m exploring at the moment is...

Need help with this? Potential questions might include:
Which customer group to focus on first
Which particular customer need is most pressing
What collaborator or partner(s) I should prioritize
How to validate whether people actually want/need this
Which type of content might be most valuable
💶 Revenue — Money may come from...
The potential revenue streams we’re considering include:
Revenue one — because X
❓Community survey questions... Share your list of questions below
Community survey questions
Need help with this? Potential questions might include:
Community-centered questions
How would you describe your community?
How do you get information about what's happening in your community?
What do you think of the public perception of your community?
What about your community do you love? Why?
What about being part of your community is difficult? Why?
How can media coverage of your community improve?

📋 Lean Canvas Summing up the 9 primary aspects of your venture in a single view
Lean Canvas PDF.pdf
268.4 kB
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