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Nov 30, 2021
Nov 30, 2021
conflicts of interest
Understanding the many benefits of cryptocurrency
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Understanding Staking Crypto
Understanding Smart Contracts on Blockchain:
Understsanding DeFi
Understanding DAO’s
Klima Token:
Klima Rebase Calculator.
Logo Colors for Renee:
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700pm Start
704 Jose didn't join (official start) intro and discussion of last meeting
708 zip books (treasury app)
709 color scheme for Logo
710 board blurb and photo intro
711 bylaws intro
   712 Article I&II
   713 Article III 100$ annual fee discussion (not to be paid until we vote)
   714 Voting Rights, Jeremy announces to strip voting rights
   716 Article IV Resignation and Majorities votes
   719 overrun of compensation
   721 talk about roles (CEO/Secretary) *conflict of interest question and discussion
   724 duties of treasury
   725 Article VIII talk about executive director
   728 adaption on bylaws (signatures required after full understanding
729 first official motion: intro to 381 Arnett Blvd
730 Jeremy offers to donate $10,000 for property to be used for community garden.
732 zillow presentation of property (highlights)
735 "little library" & bus stop
737 "WRP" certification program (corporate partnership)
742 education page, paid education courses for possible future revenue
747 *Christine asks if you are allowed to use videos
748 photos & pollution clock (purchased) [net zero]
749 donate button> donor box = commission fee
(Link available on Coda)
751 cryptocurrency intro, coinbase account, intro to donations and stable coins
754 *Umar agreed is a good idea to transfer crypto into stable coins
756 amazon smile, crypto, and CC method of donations
757 drop shipping if website store
758 CBD topic on website (ethical)
759 *Christine asks about sustainability
800 *Rene talks about sustainable products
802 sustainable products * Christine asks about using our logo on products.
804 Affiliate marketing program with Amazon Smile. (Solar powered products, Eco friendly soaps, straws, etc)
806 **Christine Amazon Smiles Requires legal disclaimer for Affiliate marketing.
807 Disclaimer may be required before Amazon links
809 Language translation overview
Certification program into
810 *Umar agrees its premature to certify/verify, and possible legal issues.
812 *Oscar agrees its too soon to offer certification.
813 *Christine Proposes tier type reward system for donations and volunteers. *Oscar mentions Silver, Gold, Platinum levels with a prize system.
815 *Christine introduces ESG (Environment  Social Government) and states it's required for corporate partners [SASB]
818 federal carbon tax 2023 (get ahead before)
Klima Dow
820 DOWS Carbon Credits cryptocurrency info
822 Staking Cryptocurrency & Rewards. (Klima Dow raise price of carbon credits.
823 Staking Klima
827 *Christine disconnects
828  reconnects
829 Staking klima Dow calculator
Jeremy will donate 1 Klima if everyone agrees and is interested
834 intro to crypto lending (stable coins)
840 recap on crypto converted into stable to lend,  for possible revenue.
842 *Rene talks about social media and weekly plans. 
845 Instagram pictures of Manhattan and Illinois
846 discuss Canva and past posts
848 Color scheme of Green
849 Facebook and Instagram (tik toc) *Rene talks about diversion and Justice department (equity & diversity/inclusion) official mission connecting world.
853 *Oscar: reaching out to youth and being careful to be favorable by everyone.
854 *Rene: being sure to reach out to everyone equally.
857 WRP partner certification question. (Take down)
858 Arnett Blvd Garden
859 *Christine mentioned grants me be available. (Sent link)
900 *Rene: tree nursery & college outreach programs. Plan for short/long term before purchasing.
902 Covering existing grant applications and being declined.
903 *Christine will go over ESG
905 *Christine asks about Sophia
905 meeting ends. 
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