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Coding Journal

Coding Journal

Originally designed for the 100 Days of Code challenge.
Welcome to your new coding journal! Keep track of your tasks, how much time you spend per day, your projects, and more.
This journal contains a self-guided tour designed to get you started with the system.

The journal is divided into four main parts.
The overview and “pretty” version of the journal which shows notes, links, tasks that still need to be done, and tasks that you’ve completed.
The “Todos” section is where you will list the tasks you need to work on and move them along a Kanban type board.
The statistics page gives stats on how you are doing overall and your progress for today.
The options page and subpages which hold information that “feeds” the main page. This is where you will define project names, goals, tags, statuses, and images to use for your daily entry.

Any items that you have not marked as completed will carry over to the next day as things you need to do 😀
💥Don’t forget that CTRL + Z (Windows) or CMD + Z (macOS) will UNDO the previous command in case you altered something you didn’t mean to!
💬 Next action: Head to the “Todos” page linked above to get started on the tasks that will acclimate you to this system.

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