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Mystery Party using AI

Are you ready to make a mystery party? You’ll need to make some characters, a mystery that needs solving and a bunch of sneaky clues.

How to play:
Give each person a character
Set the scene! You’re the story master ;)
Explain the mystery that they must solve, using clues.
The character who is guilty is the character who has all three - motive, means and opportunity
Allow your guests to ask each other questions about where they were, who they are and what ‘means’ they have access to
Give out extra clues as needed
Allow each guest to name a suspect, and reveal who got it right! Remember - a person can be the suspect and name themselves.

Help Kaylah tackle large amounts of text confidently
Demonstrate different methods / programs that can be used to navigate text-heavy activities
Create a new spelling list and finish it as a kahoot quiz
Find new vocabulary that demonstrates tone


1: Words and tone/ how to create MYSTERY and SUSPENSE
How to create a scene / mood using vocabulary
Famous mysteries / books or movies with mysteries in them
2: Making characters
Use AI to generate a list of suitable character names. Remember your theme!
Add to each character description by adapting the ai generated text
3: Generating character cards
Brainstorm suitable vocabulary to describe each character (add to kahoot)
Design image prompts for your characters and use dall.e to create your images
4: Making a MYSTERY
Decide what must be solved - was something stolen, or broken? Did somebody see something suspicious?
Fill out the appropriate means, motive and opportunity chart for your characters using Figma
Find the visual charting system that works for Kaylah
5: Compile all your information into one set of google slides to play with. Add extra images, words or scenarios. Bonus: Add your vocabulary kahoot at the end for everyone to play along!

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