Procore Onboarding Guide and Hour Tracking

This guide is intended as a walk-through of using the for the Procore mobile app. It includes creating a Procore account with your email as well clocking in and out of work sites.
This guide has been created using an iPhone. The android experience may have slight variations.

Setting up your account.

Once you are invited, you will receive an email with the subject line “You've been invited to BlocPower in Procore”
Click on the “Get Started” link. This will open Procore in your web browser and you can create your password.
Once this is done, you can now log into the mobile app with your newly created password.


Clocking In and Out

Make sure location access for Procore is Always On
If you don’t want Location to be Always On, you can leave it off outside of work, but then set it to Always On before you approach your work site.
Ensure Procore can send you notifications
If both above requirements are true when you approach your work site, you will receive a push notifications asking you to clock in. Click the notification to clock in and it will take you to a screen that looks similar to this:

Click the “Clock In” button You will see this screen: ​

Clock “Apply” in the top left corner: You will see this screen: ​
You are successfully clocked in! To clock out you will repeat the same steps. You can either click clock out, or you can click the push notification that you receive when you leave the work site.

If you have an questions, please reach out to

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