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Project budget template

Control costs and budget for tasks using this budget template

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How to use this project budget template in Coda

Step 1: Fill out basic project details

On the page, you’ll see some fields at the top of the page to fill out. These are high-level metadata about your project.

Step 2: Add or edit categories for your tasks

If your project has high-level categories or phases, you should edit them in the table. These categories show up in the table.
When your categories are set up, click on the Add button in each category that you want to start adding items to in the main table.

Step 3: Fill out project budget columns

The table is the main place to fill out details for each line item (enter a dollar value in the Budget and Actuals column).

Step 4: View budget vs. actuals summary

On the page, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your project budget, summary, and variance.
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