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Welcome to Juumin

Welcome to Juumin

This is where it all begins.
You have just accepted an offer letter to enroll at a prestigious university in Japan.
Or just signed a contract with a company in Japan.
Or even

Maybe you’ve already been here for a long while, but somehow, you still feel that you’re not living the best life that you can - you’re just scraping by, or you feel that simply you aren’t discovering what is most optimal for living here.

We’ve all been there. And for most of us, we’re still figuring our way.

But that’s all going to change now.
All the paperwork, all the poor UIUX design-ed sites, all the unnecessarily long emails - they’re all going to disappear.

Let’s begin.

Getting Started

this is where you get started.

Getting into Japan

Getting a Bank Account

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