How to use Limit Order on Arken

How to use Arken Limit Order?
1) The “Limit” button is located next to the “Market” button at the top of the swap box. Once you select the Limit button, the “Limit Order” configurations screen will be displayed.
2) Adjust the limit price and settings as you want. Do not forget to set the “Expiration Date” as well!
3) Press “Approve” to open and confirm the limit order. Now your order will appear in the bottom box below the token’s chart as an “Open Order”. Then you are all set! You can also view order history as per usual.
Why does my order not sell when the set price is reached?
Limit orders are not sold as soon as the price is reached. If the exchange rate at that time is not worth exchanging. It will not be able to sell.
Even if the price is reached but the destination gas cost is $0.5 per 1-10 Token. (except tokens with high prices) You won't get filled because the destination thinks it's not worth it.

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