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Salesforce Projects

Project Tracker

Client Need:
The customer is wanting a way to track custom service projects past the point of sale. These projects will be created manually, but logically happen after an opportunity is won. We will not be touching the opportunity during the scope of this project.

Goals will be split into 3 categories:
Phase 1, Crawl: Get the basics created and working manually.
Phase 2, Walk: Introduce automation to speed up the time to create
Phase 3, Run: More advanced automation and screen flows to better control creation.

Phase 1:
Create a custom object
New Records will be manually named, NOT autonumber.
Enable Reporting
Allow Activities

Create custom field
that is a Lookup to Account
Create a custom fields
Project Start Date
Project End Date
, and
Due Date
that are the type
Create a custom field
Assigned To
that is a lookup to User.
Create a custom field
Reviewed By
that is a lookup to User
Create a custom picklist field
with the values: New, Working, Under Review, Complete.
Create a custom field
that is a checkbox (default unchecked)
Create a custom field Blocked Reason that is Text (255 characters)
Create a custom field Project Notes that is a Text Area (5000 characters)

Search “Tabs” in Setup Search. Create a new Custom Object Tab for Project. Pick a tab style (this isn’t used anymore, but is still required), and leave all other settings as is. Click next until you can save.
Go to Object Manager > Project > Lightning Record Pages. New Page > Record Page
Name it Standard Project. Object = Project. Template “Header and Right Side bar”
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.13.44 PM.png
Add the
Highlights Panel
to the top,
Record Detail
to the left, and
to the right hand side.
Click Save, Activate, Assign as Org Default, Desktop. Save one more time for good measure.
Go to Setup > Path Settings > Enable > New Path
Name: Project Stage, API reference name should fill out after a path name is entered, Object: Project, Record Type: Master, Picklist: Stage
Under the Working Stage, add the fields
Blocked Reason
Activate the path and enable celebration for the value
. Frequency
Return to the Lightning Record Page for Project and select the new path for the path element.

Go to Setup > Process Builder > New Process
Process Name
Project PB
, and then The process starts when
A record changes
In Add Object, select Project and then
when a record is created or edited
, Save.
This is important, once this is saved, it cannot be changed. If you mess this up, delete the process and create a new one.
Under Add Criteria
Criteria Name
New Project is Created
Criteria for Executing Actions: Formula evaluates to true
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.28.45 PM.png
Add Action
Action Type:
Update Records
, Action Name:
Set Due Date
, Record Type:
The Project__c record that started your process
Due Date
, Type
, Value
TODAY() + 30
Save and Activate.

Test existing work
Click on the App Launcher (9 dots) and search for Project
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.32.33 PM.png
Click the dropdown arrow and New (If you don’t see this, click Sales Console first, then try)
Create a Project Name. Set Stage to New.
Click Save.
Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 9.35.21 PM.png
You should see something similar to this layout (Note: I didn’t create all the fields in my testing, just the ones needed to do this much of the writeup. Confirm the due date has date entered, and it is 30 days in the future.
Click the dropdown arrow next to “New” in the path. If you then click “Working” do you see the Blocked fields show up under key fields?

Bonus work:
Add to the existing process builder to automatically set the path as “New”
Add to the existing process builder to set the start date to the date the record was created. (hint, TODAY() is the formula )

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