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Turn dictations and clinical notes into complete medical letters in minutes.

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AutoTranscribe will be launching soon.

Register your interest below to become an early user to experience rapid medical letter drafting and shape the development of our product.
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1.4. How it works
Built with usability, personalisation and security in mind, AutoTranscribe will transform the way you write and send out medical letters.
Record your dictation or prepare summary notes as inputs for your letter
[AUdio File visual]
Provide either the dictation or summary notes to AutoTranscribe, whether it’s tidied, formatted or in dot points. You can upload 5 files simultaneously.
[AT UI Text Input, AT UI Dictation Upload]
Have a draft letter ready in minutes
[AT UI Ready to Approve]
Once you have uploaded the source files, AutoTranscribe will automatically start the process of generating letters
The time required will vary depending on the length of your dictation or summary notes. A typical letter will take around 5 minute to generate
Make edits and changes directly to the generated letter and save the most up to date version [AT UI Making Edits]
Communicate with your administrative staff effortlessly at the click of a button [AT UI Dictation Approved]
Mark letters as approved when you have finished editing
Admin access to support clinicians and further improve efficiency so that letters can be copied and sent out promptly

2. About

We believe that a clinician's time is best spent in direct patient care, instead of administrative tasks such as writing and editing medical letters. AutoTranscribe is here to help healthcare professionals turn administrative burden into patient facing hours.

The Team behind AutoTranscribe
AutoTranscribe is developed by Telecare, Australia’s leading and largest specialist telehealth provider and healthcare solution creator.

Our vision to provides accessible specialist care to all Australians and alleviate the administrative burdens faced by healthcare workers and volunteers. Telecare referred specialist service is supported by over 300 qualified APHRA listed medical specialists and allied health professionals covering 30 different specialties, and we have a network of over 3000 referrers nationwide to provide continuity of care to under-served patients across the country.

Through close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we've gained valuable insights that inspire our continuous innovation. We're dedicated to building cutting-edge tools designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery, ensuring it is effective and safe.
RxPad Telecare has developed RxPad, Australia's first fully conformant standalone electronic prescribing tool used by hundreds of clinicians across the country since launching in August 2023. Want to learn more about RxPad? Visit our website here

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Thank you for reaching to our team at AutoTranscribe. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours. If your enquiry is urgent, please email

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