Contractor Onboarding

Step 1: WebWork Tracker
Indicate the email address you would like to use on the link above to get added to the WebWork Tracking software.
Watch this on how to use the software.
Turn off time tracker when not rendering work for the HEA business, and as a general tip, un-select the “Remember Me” option so you will not get signed in automatically when your PC starts.
How to add Manual Time
Go to Screenshots page.
2. Click “Request Manual Time”
3. Enter the needed details and click “Request”
Step 3: Setting up Slack Profile
Since we are working on different timezones, we would like to request that you set up your profile to reflect your working schedule in EST.
An invite to the email address you have indicated in the Google Form will be sent for you to join the HEA Slack workspace.
Once on Slack, make the necessary edits to your profile to make it easier for everyone to know your working schedule.
Click on your avatar, and select profile.
Click on “Edit Profile”
Upload a photo so we can associate your name with a face. 😄
Under “What I do”, indicate your working hours in EST timezone.
Step 4: Password Sharing
This team uses LastPass for password sharing. Depending on your role, certain accounts will need to be shared to you. In order to do that, please follow the steps below:
Create an account — you will need to share this information later on to be able to be granted access to the tools that will be essential to your work.
Step 5: Payroll for US Contractors
Once invited inside the HEA Slack workspace, send a direct message to Joyce to answer below details:
Do you want to be paid as an individual or through a company you own?
What email address should we use for you to set up your payroll account?
Step 6: Sending Invoices
Please direct all your invoices to
If you are sending an invoice for work rendered under the IV Therapy Academy, please put “IVA Invoice” in the subject line.
If you are sending an invoice for work rendered unter Ketamine Academy, please put “KA Invoice” in the subject line.
If you are sending an invoice for work rendered under both companies, please split your invoice in half and send one email/invoice for each business.
Step 7: Payroll Calendar for 2022
Please download and save a copy of the 2022 Payroll Schedule for the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy for your reference.
2022 Payroll Schedule.png
Step 8: Team Profile
Add yourself to our team profile by answering the form below!
Simple image based business facebook banner (1).png

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