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Employee Promotions Tracker

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How This Doc Works

Hello fellow leaders of large-ish businesses. In our business we were constantly running into the issue that employees - or managers - were needing to request promotions, increases or other changes to an employees situation but these requests were bouncing around emails or Slack conversations instead of being transparently discussed, decided and actioned.
This Doc allows you to receive these requests in an orderly fashion and then move them through a basic workflow.
I have also included Automations that use Slack to keep the requester updated on progress.
Key elements are:
The table which is the base table for all the requests captured
The which populates into this table
is all the building block pages that you will want to setup for your particular business. Notes are provided on each page for what the doc is looking for
The “people” in this system are Slack users rather than Coda users as I found that we don’t have the same penetration in the organisation with Coda. Thus Slack columns are used for assignments and also then double-dipped in automations

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