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Moving from Confluence to Coda

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Moving from Confluence to Coda

Step-by-step instructions to using the Confluence importer.
Hi! I’m Andrés. 👋
I’m an engineer at Coda, and I helped build the Confluence importer. This doc gives an overview of what you can expect moving from Confluence to Coda, how to make the transition using the Confluence importer, and a few tips for getting started with Coda. Let’s jump in!
Below is your way-finding guide for this doc. But if you just need instructions for the Confluence importer, you can find them here. →
Table of contents
If you’re looking for instructions to import your Confluence data into Coda . . .
Read the how-to in .
If you want to know how some Confluence features translate to Coda . . .
See the side-by-side comparison in .
If you’re curious why you should move from Confluence to Coda . . .
Explore my top reasons in .
If you want to see what your Confluence space could look like in Coda...
If you want some tips & tricks for using Coda’s features . . .
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