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Success Criteria
Employee's Rating
Core Values
Communicates clearly and thoughtfully. Prepares in advance for important discussions. Presents ideas in organized way.
Ethics and Integrity
Acts with a high level of integrity.
Collaborates well with team and external clients.
Strategic Risk-Taking
Takes strategic risks when appropriate.
Role Competencies
Customer Focus
Goes above and beyond for the customer.
Operational Excellence
Is prepared and organized. Shows attention to detail and clarity of thought.
Acts as a role model for the team. Takes initiative. Serves as an advocate for the team.
Maintain 80% average customer retention
Achieve consistently high customer satisfaction and ensure high renewal rates
Streamline workflow for submitting account profile requests
Coordinate stakeholders across key success teams to collect input and buy-in Overhaul existing outdated process and replace with new streamlined workflow
Oversee successful SPTX launch
Finalize design and receive final approval from all teams. Enable team on new tool including trainings and documentation. Manage seamless customer communications

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