Employee Reflection

Core Values

The below Core Values define our organization. We should all strive to embody these values in each interaction and project. Please rate each Core Value below and comment on how you exhibit these values.
Employee's Rating
Employee's Comments
I am comfortable in 1:1 or small group settings. I am great at collaboration because I thoughtfully listen to others while keeping the group on track. I am also a strong written communicator. However, I would like to work on executive presence and communicating in large groups. These are the areas where I am less comfortable.
Ethics and Integrity
I think this is one of my strengths. I always try to follow the rules.
I enjoy working closely with my team to brainstorm new ideas. I try to consider everyone’s opinion before acting.
Strategic Risk-Taking
This is an opportunity for me. I do not feel comfortable taking risks so I don’t like to go outside what I am used to doing.
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