Your guide to setting up internet in the Netherlands

So, you are fulfilling your dream of moving to the Netherlands, congratulations. Once you find a place to live, you will need the necessary things to build and manage your new place. This means heat, water, and the internet.
Let me be honest, setting up your own utility is always a process, especially in a different country. There are a number of things to consider when choosing your Internet in the Netherlands, such as the type of internet to go for, finding out the has, and how quickly you will be connected to the internet.
Your first step is to find out what type of Internet connection you want. The most popular way to set up the Internet in the Netherlands is via cable. About ninety-eight percent of Dutch people choose to connect to the web in this way.
Cable internet is your best choice if you need high speeds. The downside is that most cable Internet subscriptions are sold as part of a TV subscription package. This can make it expensive, especially if you are not a big TV viewer.
The subsequent most well-liked option in the Netherlands is ADSL. ADSL is delivered over copper cables. However, this can be a more expensive option, as you will have to pay for both a phone line connection and a separate agreement with the Internet service provider.
If you need higher speeds as compared to what you are willing to pay for, you can get a fiber-optic connection. It seems like it is the latest in broadband technology, but it turns out that many Dutch people that have fiber optic cables do not actually use the connection.
Once you have decided what type of internet you want, you can begin the process of setting up your chosen connection. The Netherlands has the fastest internet in Europe thanks to trusted Dutch providers. When choosing your provider, you will need to consider availability, speed, price, and customer service in your area.
Once you find an internet connection and provider that suits your needs, it is time to contact them. However, even though the Netherlands has some of the best non-native English speakers, many of the company's websites are still only available in the national language. This is also true for many Dutch Internet providers.
The good news is that you can set up the internet in a store or on the phone. You will most likely speak to someone who can guide you through this process in English, but you will still want to find a Dutch word for fiber optic.
Finally, you have an Internet contract. Unless you have registered with a provider that is English friendly, the contract is most likely in Dutch. Do your best to understand it or perhaps ask a Dutch friend for help.
The most important thing to keep in mind is attractive offers for new clients. They often try to lure you in by offering you a lower price for the first few months, but then dramatically increase the bill. However, do not apply too much. Good comparison websites will give you a pretty comprehensive overview of what the deal has to offer.

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